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Food Trade Shows: Calendar of the most important food trade fairs in the world.

Calendar of food fairs does not claim to be complete, but presents the most important trade food shows in order of date according to the respective country. If your food exibition is not yet present in this online calendar, please let us know your address.

In fact, the calendar of food fairs in the world is characterized by the high number of local and international trade food shows. The cost for participating at an international food fair is generally very high and small and medium-sized companies have difficulty participating.I hope you will able to appreciate this calendar of food fairs, where you'll be able to find a lot of canned products too.

The online calendar of food fairs in the world represents a very useful tool to planning your presence in the country where you hope to export your canned food and to find any distributor or buyer.Early of each month we update manually our calendar of food fairs, eliminating the previous month.You are able to find this page searching for another keyword phrase "calendar food exhibitions".

Last update of our calendar of the most important food exhibitions: september 7, 2019

Any bug here? Any mistake in these pages? The url address of your Company, organizing a trade food show, has been not yet added here? Please inform us by email or whatsapp. Thanks you.

November 2019

Date Name Country
2-11 November 2019 Le salon Marjolaine France
6-9 November 2019 INTERFOOD & DRINK Sofia Bulgaria
7-9 November 2019 BAF Vilnius Lithuania
9-10 November 2019 foodagro tanzania
9-12 November 2019 COSMOFOOD Italy
11-14 November 2019 FOODEX SAUDI Jeddah Saudi Arabia
13-16 November 2019 FOODEXPO Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam
12-14 November 2019 FHC Food Hotel China SHANGHAI China
17-19 November 2019 GUSTUS Naples Italy
17-19 November 2019 U.S. Private Label Trade Show Chicago Usa
5 October 24 November 2019 FIERA TARTUFO ALBA Italy
26-28 November 2019 ISRAFOOD Israel
27 November 2019 - 1th December 2019 FOOD&LIFE Germany
28 November 1 December 2019 BBC GOOD FOOD Birmingham Scotland
29 November 1 December 2019 FOOD EXPO Berne Switzerland
29 November 2 December 2019 SALON SAVEURS Paris France
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December 2019

Date Name Country
30 November - 8th December 2019 ARTIGIANO IN FIERA Milan Italy
9-11 December 2019 FOOD AFRICA Cairo Egypt
10-12 December 2019 SHANGAI Private Label Fair Paris China
6-8 December 2019 FOODEXPO Casablanc Morocco

March 2020

Date Name Where Country
9-11 March 2020 ANUFOOD Sao Paulo Brazil
25-28 March 2020 EXPOCOMER Panama Panama
31 March 2 April 2020 GASTRONORD Stockholm Sweden

April 2020

Date Name Where Country
15-17 April 2020 ANUFOOD CHINA Shenzhen China
21-23 April 2020 SEAFOOD EXPO Bruxelles Belgium
waiting for the new date SALON DE L'ALIMENTATION Bruxelles Belgium
30 March - 2 April 2020 SALON GOURMETS Madrid Spain
19-22 April 2020 SOL&AGRIFOOD Verona Verona Italy
waiting for the new date FIAR Rosario Argentina
16-19 April 2020 Markt des guten Geschmacks Stuttgart Germany
15-17 April 2020 SIAL CANADA Toronto Canada
15-17 April 2020 ANUFOOD CHINA Shenzhen China

May 2020

Date Name Where Country
updating APAS SHOW Sao Paulo Brazil
13-15 Mag 2020 SIAL CHINA Shangai China
22-24 May 2020 EXPO FOOD & DRINKS Yerevan Armenia
26-30 May 2020 THAIFEX Bangkok Thailand
updating POLFISH Gdańsk Poland

June 2020

Date Name Where Country
updating BELLAVITA London England
updating IRAN FOOD & HOSPITALITY Tehran Iran
3-4 June, 2020 ORGANIC FOOD IBERIA Madrid Spain
17-20 June, 2020 FOOD TAIPEI Taipei Taiwan
21-23 June 2020 AFRICA'S BIG SEVEN Johannesburg South Africa
3-5 June, 2020 IFE International Food Exhibition Guangzhou China

July 2020

Date Name Where Country
22-24 July, 2020 MIFB Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
9-12 July 2020 BIOFACH SOUTH EAST ASIA Bangkok Thailand

August 2020

Date Name Where Country
5-8 August 2020 WOFEX World Food Expo Manila Philippines
13-17 August 2020 FOOD EXPO Hong Kong Hong Kong
------------ GOOD FOOD & WINE SHOW Perth Australia
------------ gourmet show mexico

Mexico City Mexico
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September 2020

Date Name Where Country
1-3 September 2020 HOTELGA Buenos Ayres Argentina
2-5 September 2020 cnr food istanbul

CNR Food Istanbul
Istanbul Turkey
2-5 September 2020 WORLD FOOD Istanbul Turkey
6-8 September 2020 SPECIALITY FINE FOOD FAIR London England
waiting for the new date fht food hotel thailand

FHT Food Hotel Thailand Bangkok
Bangkok Thailand
9-12 September, 2020 RIGA FOOD Riga Latvia
13-14 September 2020 GOURMET SELECTION Paris France
waiting for the new date FINE FOOD AUSTRALIA Sydney Australia
17-19 September 2020 WARSAW FOOD EXPO Warsaw Poland
22-25 September 2020 WORLDFOOD Moscow Russia
waiting for the new date andalucia sabor

Sevilla Spain
updating EXPOALIMENTARIA Lima Lima Peru
updating FIERA AGROALIMENTARE MEDITERRANEA in Ragusa (Sicily) Ragusa Sicilia Italy

October 2020

Date Name Where Country
October 2020 MILANO GOLOSA Milan Italy
October 2020 BELGRADO FOOD SHOW Belgrado Serbia

November 2020

Date Name Where Country
5-7 November 2020 MYANFOOD Yangon (Birmania) Myanmar
10-12 November 2020 FH CHINA Shanghai China

March 2021

Date Name Where Country
22-24 March 2021 IFE INTERNATIONAL FOOD EVENT London England

April 2021

Date Name Where Country
27-29 APRIL 2021 FHV FOOD&HOTEL VIETNAM Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam

May 2021

Date Name Where Country
17-20 MAGGIO 2021 TUTTOFOOD Milan Italy
18-21 May HOFEX Hong Kong China

October 2021

Date Name Where Country
9-13 October 2021 ANUGA Cologne Germany
24-26 October 2021 NATEXPO Paris France
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