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List of food fairs in Turkey where you will able to find canned food too.

trade food show ANFAS FOOD PRODUCT

International Trade exhibition for Food & Beverage and Technologies.
Visitors from different cities of Turkey and 58 countries of Middle East,Asia and Europe participated in ANFAS FOOD PRODUCT in which thousands of trademarks were presented to the customers.In this sense it is proved that Anfas Food Product is an international organization and also it can create a huge market that serves to Europe,Asia and the Middle East.

trade food show CNR FOOD

Food İstanbul Food & Beverage, Food Processing, Storage, Cooling Technologies, Logistics and Store Equipment Fair

trade food show OLIVE TECH

Olivtech will welcome many manufacturers, importers, distributors, chefs, food sector professionals, bottle manufacturers, machinery manufacturers, supermarkets chain procurement committee, purchasing agents of chain hotel food, traders and the media visitors from Turkey and various countries of the World at Izmir.


trade food show TERRA MADRE ANATOLIA

Under the leadership of Slow Food philosophy, the "Terra Madre" gastronomy fair, which takes place every two years in Turin, Italy, will take place in İzmir in 2022

trade food show WORLD FOOD

WORLD FOOD Istanbul is the largest and most successful food and packaging exhibition in Turkey, featuring a lot of exhibitors. It brings together local and international producers and brands and provides them with an invaluable platform to share their products and to develop and increase their business.

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