Canned food products

How to search a canned food product on offers a wonderful resource for canned food products. Our lovely website has been in operation since 2008 and has a wide variety of information on canned food suppliers, associations and exhibitions.'s easy to navigate site makes it a sort after destination for anyone in search of canned food information. This unique online directory is devoted to the canned food world and makes finding canned food producers simple.

However the heart of the site is the possibility to search for a specific canned food product within the area reserved for members.

■ Canned fruit

canned pineapple
canned peach
canned apricots
canned fruit cocktail
canned red cherries
lychees in syrup
canned pears in syrup
maraschino cherries
canned mango

■ Canned vegetables

canned sweet corn
canned champignons mushrooms
canned red peppers
canned olives
antipasti hors d'oeuvre
artichokes in oil
porcini mushrooms in oil
canned tomatoes
hearts of palm palmitos
canned asparagus
canned gherkins
garlic in oil

■ Legumes

green peas
canned red kidney beans
white beans

■ Truffles

white and black truffles

■ Canned fish

lumpfish caviar
canned mackerel
canned salmon
canned tuna
canned sardines
fillets of anchovies
canned cockles
canned mussels
canned crab meat
canned clams
canned herring
canned prawns
sturgeon caviar

■ Honey, Jams, Sweeteners & Sweet

caramel sauce, dulce de leite
peanut butter

■ Sauces & Spreads

pesto sauce
fish spread
meat sauce
tomato sauce
harissa sauce
tomato ketchup
tomato paste

■ Condiments, Confits

balsamic vinegar
confits for cheese
salad dressing

■ Canned soup

canned soup

■ Ready to eat

ready to eat
stuffed vine leaves
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