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canned food The PORTAL, modern and functional MARKETPLACE, offers an entirely free platform rich in content, which aims to be a meeting point in which to find many information necessary for the operators of the canned food sector.

The site is present on the Net since 2008 and is an online directory devoted exclusively to the world of canned & preserved food. In English to facilitate diffusion and viewing around the world, is divided into sections. These include the most important trade food shows where you can find canned food too and their time schedule during the year, the associations that bring together producers of canned food worldwide publications. But the most important section is related to the manufacturers of canned food and this section, in turn, is divided by product and by country. So, for example, if you need to find a manufacturer of canned salmon, from the main menu you have only to select the country of your interest and you can therefore see not only the producers but also a list of each card info of them.

canned food directory site helps canned food companies to internationalize and creates new growth for the whole industry. With the our website program you will get access to new markets, find the right partners, and get sales.

Are you interested in canned fish too, like for example canned tuna, fillets of mackerel, mackerel in brine, sardines? Tinned fish are considered protein foods, are comparable to their fresh-cooked counterparts in nutritional value, because protein is not affected by heat treatment. In fact, the canning process is actually responsible for higher calcium levels in canned fish than cooked fresh fish. your favourite directory and database of canned food!

If you want to plan the visit to some of the most important trade food shows, here at you are able to find the list of the canned food fairs worldwide subdivided for date and for country too. Before you can begin planning a fair, you must envision a general idea about the event so that your planning can be organized, efficient, and effective. Because such a wide variety of activities can be part of a fair and because a fair can emphasize any number of topics related to anything, it's important to think about the kind of fair you want to hold before you jump in and begin sending out media alerts.

Through these two tools, even the small companies will have the opportunity to make their canned and preserved food production known at costs much cheaper than those related to participation in a classic international fair.

Trade food show

food exhibition

International food fairs are one of the most important tools that the canned food companies can use to expand their business range, and to consolidate their presence into the foreign markets where they are not yet present and to introduce their products to new buyers and distributors. Although the internet has radically changed the ways of marketing and of communicating, the biggest international food exhibitions are have still a large importance and more visitors every year, and allow B2B operators from every part of the world to meet and to establish business relationships.The list of the most important trade food events in the world here on

"We are happy to announce we will be exhibiting at......" a phrase that belongs to the recent past. The current problems related to the spread of the coronavirus make the need to significantly reduce travel from continent to continent even more topical. Consequently, also operators in the canned food sector have greater convenience in seeking new contacts on the Net.

Unlike what happens with traditional food fairs, which by force of circumstances for public health reasons must postpone the opening, the site never stops and even more represents the starting point for establishing new business contacts in the canned food sector.

But when I see that the cost to participate at a food fair in Southeast Asia is of 510 per square meter, I remain convinced that it is better for a small company to invest in a permanent showcase like this site.

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canned food importers

list iconCanned food Importers

In the world trade for manufacturing companies of canned food it is very important to establish commercial relationships with good distributors. We have selected a good number of importers of canned food products divided by country.

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canned food manufacturers

Canned food Manufacturers

If you digit the keyword phrase "canned food manufacturers" on the the most important search engines, you'll find on Google about 21.000.000 of pages and on Bing about 3.250.000 of pages without a punctual order. Normally you will be able to find pages of producers of canned food of english language, or you will be able to find pages of articles speaking of canned food safety or pages of cat/pet food producers or of frozen food manufacturers too. You'll not be able to find any pages of canned food manufacturers located in Italy, Spain, France or Germany for example. In a nutshell, a disorder that leaves you disoriented.Dont bother about your search!, now you have! Our mission is to activate an effective and punctual directory, which does not have the objective to be complete but to offer a framework of canned food manufacturers, fast, impressive, easy to consult.

Target: 1000 canned food manufacturers. Updating progress:

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The features of website

Features Basic Pro
Trade food show: The list of the most important trade food events in the world.
Expo online: The online expo of canned food manufacturers.
Importers: The full list of the most important importers of canned food in the world.
Inquiry of canned food products coming from the world

Canned food manufacturers:
Delamaris d.o.o. provides healthy and high-quality fish products made from completely natural ingredients and only the finest raw materials.
Since 1899 spainish producer of canned fruit, olives and olive oil.
Cantabrico fillets of anchovies producer.

Many food exibitions are shut down for safety against the coronavirus:
The food exhibition in Paris MADE planned in March has been postponed to 13-14 May 2020,
The food exhibition in Florence TASTE planned early March has been postponed to early June.
The food exhibition in Verona SOL GROFOOD planned in April has been postponed to June.

The food exhibition in Athens FOOD EXPO planned in February has been postponed to May 2020.
The food exhibition in ANAHEIM CA NATURAL PRODUCTS EXPO WEST planned EARLY MARCH has been postponed.

Feb 19 2020 - Company of agents in Spain is looking to find new importers for their canned products and olive oils. Please Login to contact them.

To find better this website:

spain flagEste sitio es la primera y única guía online dedicada exclusivamente a los productores y importadores y distribuidores de alimentos enlatados. Puede encontrar una amplia lista de distribuidores internacionales de alimentos enlatados.

france flagCe site est le premier et le seul guide en ligne dédié exclusivement aux producteurs, importateurs et distributeurs d'aliments en conserve. Vous pouvez trouver une large liste de distributeurs internationaux de conserves alimentaires.

italy flagGuida delle conserve alimentari: Questo sito è la prima e unica guida online dedicata esclusivamente a produttori, importatori e distributori di conserve alimentari. È possibile trovare un elenco completo di distributori internazionali di alimenti conservati.

Leitfaden für Lebensmittel Konserven.


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