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The PORTAL, modern and functional DIRECTORY, offers a partially free platform rich in content, which aims to be a meeting point in which to find many information necessary for the operators of the canned food sector. The best way to find your best potential business partner for your activity.For the buyer of canned food the website is an important source to find new products and partnership.

People around the world are spending more time at home amid the increasing trade fair rescheduling and mounting travel bans. As a buyer, sourcing online is the best option for you to fulfil sourcing canned food needs. The debut Virtual Expo will offer you simple and easy one-stop online sourcing experience and you can connect with suppliers like in person with just a simple click.

Canned products are a smart solution for better nutrition in today's fast-paced world. The can preserves the freshness, flavor and nutrition of each food without sacrificing its benefits, thus allowing the creation of healthier meals. Start cooking today!


Since 1870 manufacturer of fine quality mushrooms, artichokes, anchovies, olives


Canned fish, with advantageous products such as canned sardines, canned mackerel, canned barramundi and so on


Exporter of canned fish, canned fruit from China


Exporter of canned fish, canned fruit, canned vegetables from China website


The site is present on the Net since 2008 and is an online directory devoted exclusively to the world of canned & preserved food. In English to facilitate diffusion and viewing around the world, is divided into sections. These include the most important exhibitions where you can find canned food too and their time schedule during the year, the associations that bring together producers worldwide publications. But the most important section is related to the manufacturers and this section, in turn, is divided by product and by country. So, for example, if you need to find a manufacturer of canned salmon, from the main menu you have only to select the country of your interest and you can therefore see not only the producers but also a list of each card info of them.

canned food products

CANNED FOOD PRODUCTS offers a wonderful resource for canned food products. Our lovely website has been in operation since 2008 and has a wide variety of information on canned food suppliers, associations and exhibitions.'s easy to navigate site makes it a sort after destination for anyone in search of canned food information. This unique online directory is devoted to the canned food world and makes finding canned food producers simple.



International food exhibitions are one of the most important tools that the canned food companies can use to expand their business range, and to consolidate their presence into the foreign markets where they are not yet present and to introduce their products to new buyers and distributors. Although the internet has radically changed the ways of marketing and of communicating, the biggest international exhibitions are have still a large importance and more visitors every year, and allow B2B operators from every part of the world to meet and to establish business relationships.The list of the most important trade food events in the world here on

canned food importers


In the world trade for the manufacturers of canned food it is very important to establish commercial relationships with good distributors. We have selected a good number of importers of canned food products divided by country.Establishing strong commercial relationships with distributors is crucial for manufacturing companies in the canned food industry. Distributors play a pivotal role in getting your products to consumers efficiently and effectively. Distributors have established networks and relationships with retailers, wholesalers, and other key players in the industry.

canned food manufacturers


If you digit the keyword phrase "canned food manufacturers" on the the most important search engines, you'll find on Google about millions pages also on Bing but without a punctual order.
You will find the list of canned food manufacturers at the first place on Google and Bing.
Normally you will be able to find pages of producers of canned food of english language, or you will be able to find pages of articles speaking of canned food safety or pages of cat/pet food producers or of frozen manufacturers too. You'll not be able to find any pages of canned food manufacturers located in Italy, Spain, France or Germany for example. In a nutshell, a disorder that leaves you disoriented.Dont bother about your search!, now you have!

listing your company


The benefits of listing your company:
① List your Company in our Directory;
② Increase your visibility by our 3000+ visits a month;
③ Receive requests for canned food products directly from importers and exporters.

canned redpeppers


Open the page devoted to the canned red peppers manufacturers.Red peppers are a delightful addition to various dishes, and their production worldwide has seen significant growth. Let’s explore the fascinating world of red pepper in brine manufacturers.

canned tuna


Open the page devoted to the canned tuna manufacturers. Canned tuna is an important product in the canned food world market and you will be able to find a list of several manufacturers.The global canned tuna market size was valued at USD 18.76 billion in 2022 and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.5% from 2023 to 2030 1. The industry is predicted to be significantly impacted by changing customer tastes for seafood in various cuisines due to its abundance in vital proteins, vitamins, and minerals.

canned sardines


The market for canned sardines is growing because of their taste, durability, and nutritious value 3. Sardines in a can are convenient to sell and have the same nutritional value as fresh sardines or frozen sardines 3. Customers find it worthwhile to consume the product because of its utility 3. Growing customer demand for premium seafood in a variety of tastes is raising the worldwide canned sardines market’s potential.

green asparagus manufacturers


Green Asparagus has a rich history, appearing in recipes dating back to the 3rd century AD. It has been cultivated by monks, made its way to England and Germany, and gained popularity in the United States during the mid-19th century. Whether steamed, stir-fried, or celebrated during asparagus harvest festivals, this vegetable remains a delightful addition to our plates and palates!

canned peach manufacturers


Canned yellow peach is a canned food product that is made from peeled and sliced fresh fruit. One of the most popular applications for canned peaches is in desserts, such as cobbler, pies, or turnovers. Canned yellow peaches also find use in salads and other savory dishes. The demand for this type of canned peach has increased over the past few years due to an increase in health awareness among people across the globe.

canned food 3D expo


I am happy to present you the first beta 3D canned food expo presenting some of the best canned food manufacturers.



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We are looking for further qualified partners that will help us all of our full potential.As a potential sponsor, you hold the key to unlocking an extraordinary opportunity: the chance to introduce your brand to this brilliant audience. With an array of carefully crafted advertising options, we provide a platform where your message will genuinely connect with our audience.

video canned food


If you are interested to add a video or a video presentation of your canned food products, we are at your full disposal to give our technical assistance.

alert fraudolent email


Unfortunately we have to publicly report that we receive several emails from people who claim to be interested in purchasing canned food, perhaps presenting themselves as being part of purchasing food groups. We have therefore decided to open a page specifically dedicated to these requests so that the producers of canned food take them into account when rejecting these proposals from ill-intentioned people.

calendar food exhibitions


The calendar of 2024-2025 food exhibitions in the world is characterized by the high number of local and international trade food shows. The cost for participating at an international food exhibition is generally very high and small and medium-sized companies have difficulty participating.
I hope you will able to appreciate this calendar of food fairs, where you'll be able to find a lot of canned products too.


LATROVALIS & CO manufacturer of olives in Greece| GOLDGRELIA manufacturer of Cretan food products| FULLY RISE exporter of canned fish and canned fruit | ZHANGZHOU EXCELLENT IMPORT & EXPORT exporter of canned fish, canned fruit and vegetables

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