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FAQ for our directory

The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) list for importers, canned food manufacturers and food exhibitions companies

As manufacturer of canned and preserved food I can add my company directly on this directory?

It is not possible to add directly the own company processing canned food, it is necessary to send an inquiry to be added.

How is the cost to be added in this directory?

There are several solutions, the basic solution is free, but we cannot guarantee the exact date, since the free solution will be discontinued, otherwise there is the second solution at 149 € yearly or the premium solution at 199 € yearly.

We have a company managing an international food fair including preserved and canned food. I would like to be added in this directory in the section Exhibitions and in the Calendar page. How is it possible?

You have to send us an inquiry by email or by whatsapp asking to add your event in the section Exhibitions. As soon as possible we'll add the event but we dont guaurantee the exact date. The same for the Calendar page of the food events.

As importer of canned food and gourmet food too I would like to be added in your directory section Importers, do we have to send you an inquiry for the free solution?

Yes your Company, importing canned and gourmet food, can be present on our directory but we can not guarantee your presence in the section IMPORTERS as free solution.

As manufacturer of food machinery also for canned food industries I would like to be added in your directory how it should be possible?

At the moment there is no section devoted to machinery for food production, we dont know yet if it will be activated in the next future, in the meantime you can be added on the SPONSOR page not free of charge.

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