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The global olive market size reached a volume of approximately 3.63 MMT in 2023. The market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 4.30% between 2024 and 2032 to attain a value of around 5.31 MMT by 20321.
According to the International Olive Council, the provisional figures for production in the 2020/21 crop year point to 2,661,000t of table olives, down 10.1% on the previous year. Among IOC member countries, Spain produced 20.5% of the world’s table olives, with a volume 19.3% higher than the previous year. Egypt produced 18.8% of the total, which is 23.1% less than it produced in the 2019/20 crop year.

Several countries are major producers of table olives, and numerous manufacturers contribute to the global market. Some of the prominent table olive-producing countries and key manufacturers include:
Spain: Spain is one of the largest producers of table olives. Companies such as Agro Sevilla and Dcoop are significant players in the Spanish table olive industry.
Greece: Greece is another major producer, and companies like Gaea and Agrovim are known for their table olive products.
Turkey: Turkey is a significant player in the table olive market. Turkish companies like Marmarabirlik and Gemlik Olive Oil Industry and Trade Co. are notable in this sector.
Italy: Italy is renowned for its olive products, including table olives. Companies like Bellucci and Ficacci Olive Co. are prominent in the Italian market.
Egypt: Egypt has been increasing its production of table olives. Companies like Alfa Olives and El Rashidy El Asly are notable in the Egyptian market.
Morocco: Morocco is another North African country with a growing table olive industry. Companies such as Les Domaines Agricoles and Olvea Morocco are involved in olive production.
United States: In the U.S., California is a significant producer of table olives. Companies like Bell-Carter Foods and Musco Family Olive Co. are key players in the American market.
Argentina: Argentina is a notable player in the South American table olive market, with companies like Aceitunas Guadalquivir and Aceitunas Serrentina.
Tunisia: Tunisia is a major exporter of table olives, with companies like CHO Taklidia and SOCOPA involved in olive processing.

Table olives are a healthy food choice. According to a review published in the Journal of Nutritional Science, table olives are rich in monounsaturated fat (MUFA), fiber, vitamin E, and several phytochemicals, including hydroxytyrosol (HT), which is the major phenolic compound present in all types of table olives.

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