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Cartier Saâda Group
285-291 Zone Industrielle Sidi Ghanem
Marrakech 40110
CARTIER SAADA operates in the food industry, producing canned fruit and vegetables for over 70 years. The company is a leader in the sector through its historical businesses that are canned olives and canned apricots. During the course of its development, the company has expanded its range of products by extending it to crystallised lemons, capers and peppers and various condiments from the grocery department. CARTIER SAADA is the result of successive mergers and acquisitions since 1948 and has evolved into a group listed on the stock exchange which also operates in the distribution and import and export of various consumer food products through its subsidiary Zoubairi distribution. The group’s products are present today in over 30 countries across 5 continents.
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Green olives, Black olives, Abricots, Capers, Harissa sauce, Lemon confits

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3337, Route du Djorf El Youdi
B.P. 2253
CONSERVAL is a fish processing company producing canned sardines and mackerels for export to all over the world.
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Sardines, Fillets of mackerels

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Société Belma
Lot 862 Zone industrielle d’Ait Melloul
80152 Maroc
Wenceslas Chancerelle SAS, a Breton cannery in Douarnenez, acquires an equity stake in Belma through a partnership agreement. 2008: The production site moves to the Ait Melloul industrial district near the airport.
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Sardines in extra virgin olive oil, Sardines in oil, Sardines in tomato sauce, Sardines in lemon sauce, Mackerels in brine, Mackerels in tomato sauce

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Rue Moussa Ibn Noussair
Quartier industriel
The company CANNING THE GIRONDE, founded in 1948, is considered as the largest producers and exporters of canned fish in Morocco, they export over 80% of their production worldwide. The impeccable quality of their products, forged a reputation for over 60 years, their prices competitive, efficient management and control meeting international standards of hygiene are the keys to the success and their sustainability.
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Sardines in vegetables oil, sardines in spicy vegetable oil, sardines in tomato sauce, mackerel in vegetable oil, mackerel in spicy vegetable oil, mackerel in tomato sauce

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Zone Industrielle BP 66
Port Laâyoune
Laâyoune - Maroc
Created in 1986, Complexe de pêche du littoral "COPELIT", a group whose capital is 100% Moroccan. It is a major operator in the fisheries and the valorisation of the products of the sea in the southern zone of the Kingdom of Morocco. Employing more than 2,250 employees. Its units are located in Dakhla and Laayoune.
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Sardines, mackerel in vegetable oil, Fillets of mackerel, tuna, whole tuna, tuna in vegetable oilfillets of tuna, mackerel in natural brine, mackerel in olive oil

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