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gaia olives


Olynthos, Halkidiki Greece, 63200

Gaia Olives is a family business located in Olynthos,Chalkidiki (Greece). They produce, process and standardize edible green Chalkidiki and Kalamon olives. Their long years of experience, allow them to be innovative in the field of olive process.They are equipped with modern olive machinery, which helps them to faithfully follow the production process.
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OLIVES: Kalamata olives, Green olives Chalkidiki, Stuffed olives Chalkidiki, Black Kalamon olives, Pickled products

Facebook +30 698-096 8861

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Evropis 1
Ano Chersonissos
70014 Chersoniso

Goldgrelia is a leading company in producing Extra Virgin Olive Oil and cretan products under the unified, recognizable brand GRELIA: “GR” for GReece and “ELIA’” the olive tree in greek language.In GoldGrelia they know that you need to have your products deliverd on time, thus they are always ready to prepare and ship your order within few hours upon your request.They provide full tracking services and full package / logistic details prior shipping so that you feel confident about each step of your order.
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Cretan food products: olive oil, herbs, honey and olives, olive paste, jams

Facebook +30 281 121 7174

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