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Fiordelisi Srl
S.P. 88 Stornarella – Ascoli S. Km. 0+600
71048 Stornarella (FG)

The Fiordelisi company is located in the Tavoliere di Puglia, in the south of Italy. An area of beauty, culture and agricultural tradition. 80% of Italian tomatoes on the market are produced in Puglia, in particular in the Foggia area.
L’Azienda Fiordelisi si trova nel Tavoliere di Puglia, nel Sud dell’Italia. Una zona di bellezza, cultura e tradizione agricola. L’80% dei pomodori italiani sul mercato viene prodotto in Puglia, in particolare nella zona di Foggia. Source: the website

can Dried tomatoes, Artichokes, Stuffed peppers, Olives, Onions, Aubergine fillets, Pepper fillets, Green pesto, Red pesto

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food industryFLOTT SPA

Via Olivuzza n. 5
90011 Aspra (PA)
Flott was born and raised in Aspra, a seaside village where the entire economy is concentrated on fish processing, where today's greatest salting experts for the preservation of anchovies come from.
Source: the website

can Fillets of anchovies, Fillets of tuna, Fillets of mackerel, Sardines, Baby clams, Fish sauces

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