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How to preserve dried tomatoes in oil?

For those who want to prepare jars of dried tomatoes in oil for an entire year and give the tomato a "stronger" flavor, just follow this procedure:
1) Take a jar with an airtight lid
2) Immerse the dried tomatoes in boiling water (93%) and white wine vinegar (7%) for about 1 minute to refine the flavor and prevent bacterial growth and the onset of mould.
3) Drain the dried tomatoes that you had previously immersed, dry them well with kitchen paper and place them in the jar.
4) Enrich the dried tomatoes with aromas of your choice: oregano, capers, garlic according to your tastes in order to flavor them.
5) Once the jar has been filled with dried tomatoes and herbs, cover with extra virgin olive oil up to the brim.
6) Store in a cool, dry place.
7) After the first 24 hours, check the oil level, add if necessary and place again in a cool, dry place.

Once you open the jar, always remember to check the oil level, and if necessary. add.

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