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The use of emails to ask for offers on food products is also very widespread in the canned food sector. Typically the people writing these emails present themselves as companies that are part of important buying groups to entice the manufacturer to consider their request. In reality these emails have very specific purposes, to convince the manufacturer to send them the ordered goods which will then not be paid for.


Our company KERBAR DISTRIBUTION intervenes in the distribution for hypermarkets under the sign E.LECLERC.We are a distribution chain with several hypermarkets. Our activities are classified in the retail trade operation of hypermarkets, and we have set up a department in charge of the restocking of several supermarkets.
We are specifically looking for a reliable supplier with whom we can collaborate in the long term. Being interested in some of your products. We would like to know if it is possible to have them in large quantities. If so, we would like to open an account with you as a B2B customer, thus gaining access to payment within 15 - 30 days of delivery.
Our first sample Order will be about 2 or 3 trucks of your products. Please confirm with your Insurance company if the 30 days credit window will be avaliable for payment, note that this payment system is the same for all our suppliers. Here is our company details:
50 Rue Romain des fosses
29850 Gouesnou FRANCE
VAT N°: FR66802611095
SIREN: 802611095
SIRET (Siège): 80261109500026 Email:
Phone:+33744080720 / Fax: +33186657071
We would like you to guarantee that we can renew our order several times for the first year. Hoping that this can be the beginning of a great and long-lasting partnership, I would like to thank you in advance for sending us the information we have requested.

We asked to E.Leclerc Group about this Kerbar Distribution company and I have received this reply: Cette société ne fait pas partie des magasins du mouvement E.Leclerc.

Excellente fin de journée,


Spam email received as Migros France:

We are migros, one of the largest grocery and general merchandise retailer all over in the europe.Having you as a potential supplier will be an opportunity for us to grow further and work together for long term business relationship. If you are interested in working with us, please reply to this mail stating the following:
- supply capacity (monthly)
- catalogues, price lists (export)
- terms and conditions
Nb: our payment term is at 30 days from the invoice date. We hope it matches yours. Please advise.
M. Pascal Laidet

If you have received any email you think to be fraudlent asking for supply of canned food, please inform by email our CEO.

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