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Office Address: 67, Khalil Elmasry str. Kafr Abdo
Alexandria – Egypt
Factory Address: Kilo 19 Alexandria
Cairo desert road
Alexandria – Egypt
Natura Agro-Trade is a leading Egyptian company founded back in 1999.They grow, process, export canned fruits and vegetables and they also pack under customer's private label. They serve worldwide markets such as the Middle East, Europe, America and Asia.
Source: the website

can Sweet corn, Red Kidney beans, White kidney beans, Chickpeas, Green peas, Mixed vegetables, Beans, Artichokes, Strawberries, Sweet potatoes, Beetrooss, Peach, Abricot, Grapes, Pepper, Olives

Facebook +20 1066648229


35 Ramsis Street (United Bank Building) 10th floor
Nile Agricultural Ind. Co. (AGA) is probably the most modern manufacture in Egypt industry. The company was founded in 1982 with aspire to produce & distribute processed food products for retail & food-service-sector.
Source: the website

can Vine leaves, Cucumbers, Pepper, Green Olives, Calamata black olives, Olives with carrots, Sliced green olives, Spanish black olives, Lemons with herbs, Mexican peppers, Onions, Fig jam, Strawberry jam, Olive oil, Fruit juices


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