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143 El Tahrir st.
Green Hope, LTD. Egyptian company for producing in brine/frozen vegetables and fruits in different packing. The Factory is dividing to 3 sectors ( Canned Food , In brine Bulk , Frozen Food ).
Source: the website.
Artichokes in brine, Green olives, Lombardi Pepper, Jalapeno pepper, Cherry pepper, Banana pepper

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1st Industrial Zone
El-Nahda Area, Alexandria
Cairo desert road
El-Amrya – Alexandria, Egypt
Green valley is a manufacturing and exporting company that has been in the food industry for over 15 years. from being just a dream to becoming a reality . the founder Mr. Mohamed Hamza worked day and night till he created What is known today as Green fields for food industries . the company specializes in producing and exporting fruits and vegetables. they are exported either fresh, frozen,canned, in brine and more. They use advanced techniques to process and Traceability system to the fruits and vegetables that are hand selected by our workers to ensure excellent quality, the products are then inspected by our fine team of quality inspectors and then packaged and exported to our customers all over the world. Green valley exports to countries all over the world, especially Brazil, Italy, Spain, Greece ,Poland , Germany , Netherlands , The United States , China , Japan and more.
Source: the website.
Artichokes in brine, Green olives, Pepper, Jalapeno pepper, Chili pepper +203 4770002

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