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They have been a leading producer of caviar products for the last 30 years. Their highly efficient and hygienic factory in Denmark allows us to bring these delicacies at competitive prices to customers worldwide.Their emphasis on producing high quality caviar, requires us to be on a constant lookout for excellent raw materials, and over time they have expanded our product range to meet our customers’ demands for new products. To ensure that future generations can enjoy the delicacies that we have today, they strive to source fish products that are MSC and ASC certified.
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Caviar of Lumpfish roe (Latin name: Cyclopterus lumpus), Caviar of Capelin roe (Latin name: Mallotus villosus), Caviar of Salmon, Chum Keta roe (Latin name: Oncorhynchus keta), Caviar of Trout roe (Latin name: Oncorhynchus mykiss)

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Fish with a smile in 100 years. Amanda Seafoods was founded by Mr. Chr. Hansen in Kerteminde in 1916 under the trademark 555. The Company was one of the very first producers of canned seafood in Denmark
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Crab spread, Caviar spread, Salmon spread, Tuna spread, Mackerel spread, Cod roe spread, Cod roe, Mackerel fillets, Brisling sardines, Smoked sprats, Crab meat, Smoked cod liver, Kippers, Salmon fillets

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