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San José, Santa Ana
Costa Rica
Alimentos Prosalud is today one of the largest seafood processors and marketers in the region. They export products – including canned tuna, sardines and food solutions with other basic proteins such as red meats and chicken – to more than 20 countries in the Americas and Europe.
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Tuna in olive oil, Tuna fillets in soy oil​

Website Facebook (506) 2504-7676


SVenecia of San Carlos
Costa Rica
They are a family company that began its work in 1995 in Venecia of San Carlos, in the Northern Area of Costa Rica.They are dedicated to cultivate, process and commercialize nationally and internationally: heart of palm, peach palm, pineapple, soursop, guava, acai and other tropical fruits.
Source: the website
Heart of palms, Heart of palms spaghetti, pineapple

Website Facebook (506) 2504-7676
Whatsapp: (506) 8472 2038


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