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Zhenxin Canned Food Co., Ltd.
Factory site:Liaoning Dalian Paotai
Economic Development Zone
Zhenxin Canned Food Co., Ltd.
Marketing Center:The intersection of Zhongshan Road and Gorky Road
Shahekou District
Dalian, Liaoning
Cansi Fruit Group Co., Ltd. has its headquarters located in Dalian, Liaoning, a coastal city with good reputation of “hometown of yellow peach”. Its core enterprise of Dalian True-love Canned Food Co., Ltd. is a domestic famous brand for canned fruit. It is the vice chairman unit of China Canned Food Industry Association and is awarded “The Top 10 Canned Food Enterprises in China” by China Canned Food Industry Association
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Apricot in syrup, Apple in syrup, Fruit cocktail in syrup, Lychee in syrup, Yellow Peach in syrup, Pear in syrup, Mandarin orange segment in syrup, Strawberry in light syrip

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