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Karnobat Bulgaria
With over half century of experience they combine the traditional taste with latest technology and know-how in fruit and vegetable processing to provide fine and healthy products at a hand reach. Over the years they have accumulated rich and valuable experience, they have established traditions in the industrial processing of fruits and vegetables, and they have made serious investments in equipment and technology.
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Peaches in sugar syrup, Apricots in sugar syrup, Sour cherries in sugar syrup, Cherries in sugar syrup, Pears in sugar syrup, Plums in sugar syrup, White cherries in sugar syrup, Gherkins, Pepper products

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Sales Department:
9 Bulgaria blv, bld.3
1408 Sofia Bulgaria
Konex-Tiva was established in 1995. Since then theirur target has been to produce and offer a complete variety of preserved vegetables, salads, sauces & ready-to-eat dishes which will meet high expectations in quality, taste & safety. Biggest part of theproduction is exported to USA, Canada & major EU countries (Germany, Sweden, France, Poland, Slovenia, Greece, Romania, Cyprus, United Kingdom) Russia, Israel, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa . They focus on creating long-term relationships all around the world.
Source: the website.
Spreads & Dips, Appetizers & Antipasti, Vegetable Caponatas, Marinated Vegetables, Sour Cherry Specialties, Jams & Preserves, Bruschetta toppings, Pasta sauces

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