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Cherries Group Ltd. is a Bulgarian company , continuing long traditions in the processing of fruits and vegetables since the early 90s.
Cherries Group Ltd. specializes in the production of unique products based on natural cherries and sour cherries to excellent decorations, with alluring colors and tastes of Amarena cherries, Cocktail cherries, Maraschino cherries and Glace cherries.
In the development process we were able to experiment with different ingredients and to select the most appropriate and highest quality raw materials to meet the high demands of today's market . Precise laboratory control and continuous improvement of the production process, enabled us to offer the market natural cocktail , maraschino cherries and glace cherries, without artificial colors or preservatives.
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Maraschino cherries, Amarena cherries, Cocktail cherries, Glacé cherries, Fruit Fillings

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