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Didden S.A.
Rue Auguste Van Zande 37
1080 Bruxelles
Founded in 1925, the Maison Didden has been in business for nearly a century thanks to its exceptional craftsmanship and love of good taste.
Concerned about health and well-being of its gastronomes, the Maison Didden is committed to offer authentic products for a healthy pleasure and a multisensory experience. Fresh, refined, selected with taste and care according to the expertise and requirements of the Maison and made according to a extremely sensitive and perfectly controlled artisanal process, the sauces, the condiments, the chutneys and the dressings of Didden are immediately a guarantee of quality to the eyes of the finest connoisseurs.
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Dressing sauce, Cold sauce, Warm sauce, Mustard, Piccalilli sauce, Capers, Gherkins, Pearl onions, Confits for chees
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Avenue Louise 65
1050 Bruxelles
As a producer and manufacturer of mayonnaise, they have made it their mission to supply not only the finest products but also the best customer service. They utilize the strictest hygienic production process to guarantee no issues arise.Because it is based and processed in Belgium, DeliBelge® mayonnaise adheres to the royal decree which requires producers to use only the finest rapeseed oil and egg yolk. The result? Simply the best mayonnaise available. Of course, not only is made from premium ingredients, but also tastes amazing too! The better question is, why NOT choose DeliBelge’s Belgian Mayonnaise?
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Mayonnaise, dairy products
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