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Iceland market could be of interest for manufacturers and exporters of canned food.You are able to find here a list of food importers in Greece.


Costco Wholesale Corporation operates an international chain of membership warehouses, under the "Costco Wholesale" name, that carry quality, brand name merchandise at substantially lower prices than are typically found at conventional wholesale or retail outlets. The warehouses are designed to help small-to-medium-sized businesses reduce costs in purchasing for resale and for everyday business use. Individual Members may also purchase for their personal needs.
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HKauptun 3
210 Gardabaer


Since 1973, Garri, a family owned and operated company founded by Mr. Magnus R. Jonsson and family, has specialized in the import and sale of quality good and food packaging to professional chefs and clients in the food preparation industry in Iceland.
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Garri ehf
Hádegismóar 1
110 Reykjavík


Since 1987, Innnes is a solid, leading and progressive company dedicated to importing, selling and servicing in the food industry.The company´s headquarters are located in Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland. Innnes employees are around 200 and form a team dedicated in making the company a pioneer in the market.
Source: website of the importer

Innes Ltd
Fossaleyni 21
112 Reykjavík

Ó. Johnson & Kaaber

They are a progressive wholesale company with an extensive distribution network and a low overhead. They offer comprehensive services to both the retail and catering/horeca markets
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Ó. Johnson & Kaaber ehf. /
Sælkeradreifing ehf.
Tunguhálsi 1,
110 Reykjavík

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