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List of canned food importers and distributors in the Czech Republic. Very useful tool to know the most important distributors of canned food.

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They choose the very best products for you from all over the world, including olive oil and olives, canned fish, stewed fruit and sterilised vegetables, as well as dry pulses, rice, pasta and many other products. Their products can be found in leading supermarket chains. They Import come from Thailand, Greece, Ecuador, Peru, the Philippines, Indonesia, Turkey, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, the Netherlands, Italy, Bulgaria, Hungary, Iceland, India, Vietnam, Papua New Guinea, China and others.
Source: website of the distributor

Kvítková 4703
760 01 Zlín
Czech Republic



Their strategy is to represent companies on the Czech market directly and to take over their business activities. They concentrate on food-processing companies only.
Source: website of the distributor

Na Krecku 365
109 04 Prague 10
Czech Republic

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