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AGROCOMMERCE Agrocommerce was founded in 2001 by Fernando Videla in order to provide a competitive alternative to the food industry and retail.This company is dedicated to import, distribution and commercialization of multiple product categories added to development of complementary services that provide to value chain and it offers the market an integral service of the highest quality and efficiency.Its headquarter is located in Renca, Santiago de Chile. There it operates importing products from Argentina, Colombia, Brazil, Paraguay, Canada, USA, Germany and Asia, carrying out annual sales of USD 120 millions. AGROCOMMERCE
José Miguel Infante
8745 - Renca - CHILE
ANSON TRADING S.A. Importer of preserved food mainly from USA ANSON TRADING S.A.
CARDAMOMO Importer of fine preserved food by e-commerce
CENCOSUD They are a multi-format retail presence in 5 countries and more than 140 thousand people. Retails, supermarkets, in Chile with Jumbo brand (one of the main participants in the supermarket business in Chile) and with Santa Isabel brand (the chain of supermarkets with greater presence in Chile)
CHACAO Importers of rice, pasta and canned food with own brand Aruba CHACAO S.A.
Av Marathon 2499
CORCORAN Supermarket GMarket Super G Market
Manzana 9. Sitio 6
Av.Bulnes Km.3 1/2 Norte
Zona Franca. Punta Arenas
ELBELMAN Corp SA ELBELMAN CORP. S.A. has a presence in the Chilean market since 1990. The company works on the basis of exclusivity in the market, as importer and wholesale distributor, of an extensive line of food products, especially in the areas of delicatessen, cocktail and confectionery. ELBELMAN CORP SA
Molina Lavin 01721
Quinta Normal Santiago - Chile
FHENGEL COMERCIAL F.H. ENGEL S.A. dedicated since 1982 to the importation and sale of consumer products to supermarkets, wholesalers, restaurants and department stores, among others. ELBELMAN CORP SA
Av. Claudio Arrau 7000
Pudahuel Santiago - Chile
GLOBEITALIA globeitalia chile canned food GlobeItalia is a Chilean company with more than 20 years in the market, currently recognized for its wide variety of products, representing the best food brands in Europe, America and Chile for a demanding market, both domestic and foreign. Today it is present throughout Chile, distributed through supermarkets, HORECA channel and with its own emporium. GLOBE ITALIA
Av. Las condes 6903
Santiago Chile
GRANGOURMETITALIA Gourmitalia is the summary of 20 years of gastronomic experience of Pietro Granillo, its owner and founder, in the sector of imports and distribution in Chile of high quality Italian food products. Gran Gourmet Italia / Vitacura
Las Tranqueras 1480
Vitacura Santiago Chile
PIBAMOUR pibamour chile canned food Pibamour is a leading company in the import and distribution of gourmet foods in Chile. PIBAMOUR
Jorge Hirmas 2560
Renca Santiago Chile
PROMERCO promerco chile canned food Importer of canned food from Europe too. PROMERCO
Galvarino 7401
Quilicura Santiago – Chile
VELARDE Velarde Hnos. S.A. was founded in 1948, by Armando Velarde Gómez, father of the current partners, is dedicated to international trade being an importer and distributor for all Chile of multiple products of international fame. Mainly food products in preserves, chocolates and candies, popcorn, Mexican food, sauces, mixes for cakes, juices and nectars, alcoholic beverages, spices, olive oils, vinegars and miscellanies, becoming a company of high prestige for its seriousness and reliability . Velarde Hnos. S.A. It is a family business composed of more than four hundred people. Its head office is located in the port of Valparaíso, where the company started and its distribution center for the whole country, as well as the sales and marketing area are located in the city of Santiago de Chile. VELARDE
San Martín 50
Valparaíso - Chile
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