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LA PASTINA La Pastina, one of Brazil's leading importers of gourmet food and beverages, which has been present since 1947 in the market, is responsible for the exclusive import and distribution of world-renowned brands, as well as a portfolio of more of 100 gourmet items with the own brand La Pastina, offering to the Brazilian consumer more and more differentiated products of high quality and facilitating the life of those who seek to transform their day to day in gastronomy. La Pastina
Av. Presidente Wilson, 1866 – Ipiranga | São Paulo – SP | CEP: 03107- 001 Brazil
SANDILEH ALIMENTOS Importers of canned fish from Spain Sandeleh Alimentos LTDA
Rod. Raposo Tavares, s/n – km86,5
CEP 18108-240 – Sorocaba
São Paulo Brazil
SANTAR Comércio de Gêneros Alimentícios Ltda. Importer and Distributor of Beverages and Food Products. Its founder, Antonio Miguel Salerno, began his activities in the 1970's in a modest warehouse located at Rua Santa Rosa, thus being born to SANTAR Comércio de Gêneros Alimentícios Ltda., Which for almost 40 years has been in the market serving important Customers in wholesale and retail, importing and distributing more than 600 items from the food and beverage sectors with leading brands exclusive to the world of high gastronomy, gradually conquering its commercial space in the market. SANTAR
Comércio de Gêneros Alimentícios Ltda
Rua Benjamin de Oliveira, 389 - Brás -
SP 03006-020 São Paulo - Brazil
PIANETA Importer and distributor of Italian food products of the highest quality, present for more than 30 years in Brazil. We offer our customers an extensive range of podutos. There are more than 20 brands, encompassing about 400 items. PIANETA
Rua Pedrosa Alvarenga, 1203
Itaim Bibi Sao Paulo SP Cep: 04531-012 - Brazil
AURORA Aurora is a Brazilian family business, which stands out for its history of more than 70 years.Since 1946, Aurora has been importing and distributing the most renowned premium, international brands and market leaders in food and beverages. Aurora presents its portfolio in four commercial divisions: Distillates & Liqueurs, Wines, Confectionery and Fine Food, which productively and efficiently share the Sales, Logistics, Import, Finance, Administration, IT and Human Resources areas.
BARRINHAS Importer of fine food mainly from Portugal Barrinhas
Rua de Farrinha 860
Mercado Sao Sebastiao
Penha Rio de Janeiro 21-011-140 Brasil
BELPAESE Agency Present in Brazil since 1992, Belpaese represents several food producers, acting as agent between the supplier in Italy and the importer in Brazil.
CTRADEGOURMET Importer of fine food from Italy. CTRADEGOURMET
Av Jabaquara, 2950 - Sala 36
- Mirandópolis - Cep 04046-500 SP Brazil
CALIMP IMPORTADORA Calimp is a food importer that distributes dairy products, cold cuts and high quality grocery items since 1994, brought in from several countries, mainly from Europe. CALIMP IMPORTATORA
Al. Oceania, 85
Polo Empresarial Tamboré
Santana de Parnaíba SP – Brasil
CEP: 06543-308
CASEUS Importer of fine food from Italy. CASEUS
rua Alagoas, nº 475
Higienópolis, São Paulo - SP 01242-001– Brasil
COSTAZZURRA Importer of fine food from Argentina, Peru and other countries. COSTAZZURRA
Alameda Valville, 550 Loja 3
Tanquinho, Santana de Parnaíba
Alphaville - São Paulo SP – Brasil
EUROPA IMPORTADORA europa importadora canned food Importer of canned food from Europe too.
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