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Name Information Address
ATACO ATACO – Commerce and dealership Ltd Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina is a distributor for a number of quality brands. Ataco was founded in 1944. as a family company. ATACO TRGOVINA I ZASTUPANJA
d.o.o. MOSTAR
Ulica Kralja Tomislava L4
88000 Mostar Bosnia
BAKALAR Komerc d.o.o. Importer of canne food products too Bakalar Komerc d.o.o.
Struge bb
88300 Čapljina - Bosnia i Herzegovina
BARE COMMERCE Importer of canned food products too BARE COMMERCE
SBare 6, 88260 Čitluk
Bosna i Hercegovina
DUCLA d.o.o. ducla importerImporter of canned food products too DUCLA d.o.o.
Šamački put b.b
74480 Modriča
Bosna i Hercegovina
Džajić commerce d.o.o. Company Džajić-Commerce is established in 1994 with the headquarter in Ljubuški. Main company activity is import, distribution and sales of consumer goods worldwide known brands. Džajić commerce d.o.o.
Međugorska b.b.
88320 Ljubuški
Bosna i Hercegovina
Mališić export-import Ltd malisic importerImporter of canned food too Mališić export-import Ltd
Biletić polje bb
Čitluk 88260 - Bosna i Hercegovina
MEGAMIX They specialize in distributing goods for foodservice industry Megamix d.o.o.
Rajlovačka bb
71000 Sarajevo - Bosna i Hercegovina
VIOLETA Distributor of canned products too VIOLETA d.o.o.
Gospodarska zona, Tromeđa b.b.
88260 Čitluk - Bosna i Hercegovina/td>
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