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Name Information Address
BLOC CBG, a complete commercial and logistic organiza BLOC
Nijverheidslaan 1
1853 Strombeek – Bever Belgium
CGB Bloc is a European buying group. It is a cooperative, owned by 6 of its members. Bloc has more than 70 years of experience in importing products and managing private label products. The current range is suited for retail and foodservice companies. More than 1000 different products are available in different types, packaging and qualities. Most products have labeling in 3 or more languages (Dutch, French, English). Charlier-Brabo Group
Boomsesteenweg 28
B-2630 Aartselaar Belgium
WONDERFOOD Since 2004 importer of food products WONDERFOOD Sprl Bvba
Rue Buisson Aux Loups 11
B-1400 Nivelles Belgium
ANGELOPOULOS ETS Importer of greek food products ANGELOPOULOS Ets
Boulevard d'Ypres 39
1000 Bruxelles Belgium
ETS J.L. LAMBERT Importer of fine food products since 1979 ETS J.L. LAMBERT
Avenue Newton, 2
B - 1300 Wavre Belgium
MARCOR Markelbach & Corne was founded in 1906 and grew to become a leading importer of raw materials for the food sector. The company has annual turnover above the 35 million euros with a wide range of canned fruit, fish and vegetables, also nuts and dried fruits , marzipan and products for chocolatiers. “Marcor” focuses to wholesalers and the food industry with its own logistics. Markelbach & Corne NV
Mechanicalaan 10/12
2610 Wilrijk – Belgium
PAB Benelux PAB, located in Belgium, acts as a Sales, Marketing & Distribution specialist in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxemburg PAB Benelux
Generaal de Wittelaan 17 bus 12
2800 Mechelen - Belgium
Pietercil Delby's nv Pietercil has been a full-service distributor for over 60 years and has a proven track record. They offer a very wide range of services to make your brand a local success. Pietercil Delby's nv
Vitseroelstraat 74
1740 Ternat Belgium
Q&M Fine Foods Import q&m fine food importQuality and Matters selects, imports and distributes fine food products in the Benelux Q&M Fine Food Import
Schaarbeekstraat 19 U11/12
9120 Melsele Belgium
STIVAL Importer of food products from Italy STIVAL
1600 Sint-Pieters-Leeuw Belgium
TRENDY FOODS BELGIUM S.A. TRENDY FOODS BELGIUM SA emploie actuellement 500 personnes et livre quotidiennement plus de 1.100 clients en Belgique et au Grand-Duché de Luxembourg. TRENDY FOODS BELGIUM S.A.
Avenue du Parc, 37
B-4800 Petit-Rechain Belgium
VINESPA Importer of spanish food products VINESPA
Rue Verheyden 86
1070 Anderlecht - Belgium
SANI The company has been based in the heart of Brussels for more than 30 years. They specialise in the distribution, wholesale and retail of Greek and Mediterranean food products in Belgium and neighbouring countries. Thier products are mostly imported from Greece but also from other Mediterranean countries, while we also specialise in Greek wine and olives. SANI
Mediterranean Food & Wine
Boulevard De Dixmude 25-29
1000 Bruxelles - Belgium
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