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Pol.Ind. La Dehesa S/N
21430, Isla-Cristina

Union Salazonera Isleña , S.A. ( USISA ) is a fish company situated in South Spain, They do canned and salted fish. They are located in Isla Cristina in Huelva province.In Usisa they process around 12.000 tons of fish a year, all this fish come from South Spain, all the process for canning and salting is hand made. They don´t use any chemical products on the process. All this facts make the maximun warranty of fresh, taste and nutritional values.
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Tuna, Cod Roe and Belly Tuna, Fillets of Andalusian Mackerel in olive oil, Cod Roe in olive oil, Almadraba tuna in extra virgin olive oil, Fillets of Andalusian Melva in olive oil, Fillets of Andalusian Melva ‘Canutera’ in olive oil, Small Sardines of the coast in olive oil, Mussels from the Galician Rías in pickle sauce, Coast Anchovies in olive oil

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